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Saturday, October 9, 2010

How To Find Financial Reports

All filings made with the SEC constitute public information and can be found on:
* The SEC’s official web site (
* Company web sites, investor relations section
* Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) web site (http://

Form 10-K (Annual Filing)

At the end of each fiscal year, publicly traded companies must file a 10-K report,
which includes a thorough overview of their businesses and finances as well as their
financial statements.

Why Is the 10-K Important?

Companies are required by the SEC to file it annually. Form 10-K usually provides
the most detailed overview of companies’ financial operations and regulations governing

Other Important Filings:

Form 8-K

An 8-K is a required filing any time a company undergoes or announces a materially
significant event such as an acquisition, a disposal of assets, bankruptcy, and so

Form S-1

An S-1 registration is filed by a company when it decides to go public (i.e., sell its
securities to the public for the first time) in the process known as an Initial Public
Offering (IPO).

Form 14A

Form 14A is a required annual filing prior to a company’s annual shareholder meetings.
It contains detailed information about top officers and their compensations.
The form often solicits shareholder votes (proxies) for Board nominees and other
important matters.

Form 20-F

Form 20-F is an annual report filed by foreign companies whose shares trade in the
United States.

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