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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chartered Accountant Syllabus

Today i am talking about the Chartered Accountant Syllabus in India.If you are looking for information about Chartered Accountant Syllabus on the web then this article will help you a lot.

Group I – Paper 1: Advanced Accounting
(One paper – Three hours – 100 Marks)


1. Conceptual Framework for Preparation and Presentation of Financial

2. Accounting Standards

3. Company Accounts

4. Financial Statements of Banking, Insurance
and Electricity Companies

5. Average Due Date, Account Current, Self-
Balancing Ledgers

6. Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit

7. Accounts from Incomplete Records

8. Accounting for Special Transactions

Paper 2: Auditing and Assurance
(One Paper – Three hours – 100 Marks)

1. Auditing Concepts

2. Auditing and Assurance Standards

3. Auditing engagement

4. Documentation

5. Audit evidence

6. Internal Control

8. Audit Sampling

9. Analytical review procedures

10. Audit of payments

11. Audit of receipts

12. Audit of Purchases

13. Audit of Sales

14. Audit of suppliers’ ledger and the debtors’

15. Audit of impersonal ledger

16. Audit of assets and liabilities

17. Company Audit

18. Audit Report

Paper 3: Law, Ethics and Communication
(One paper – Three hours – 100 Marks)

1.Business Laws

2.Company Law

3.Business Ethics

4.Ethics in Accounting and Finance

5.Business Communications

Paper 4: Cost Accounting and
Financial Management
(One paper – Three hours – 100 Marks)

Part I: Cost Accounting

Part II: Financial Management

Paper 5: Taxation
(One paper – Three hours – 100 Marks)

Part I: Income-tax

Part II: Service tax and VAT

Paper 6: Information Technology and
Strategic Management
(One paper – Three hours – 100 Marks)


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